Vlogging – Provocative or Pathetic?


7 thoughts on “VLOG #1

  1. I agree with you. I don’t really see vlog could actually get any real stories. Its more like a oneself being narcissistic, and I guess it would be more suitable for the celebrities, like movie stars or something. They have a lot of fans. They have a huge audience.

  2. Both of you made the great point. I also think that vloging is not a perfect tool for every content. Like Eric said, vlog might be good for product review or discussing some topics. But again, it can be pathetic with some kind of content also.

  3. I think vlogging has its place if it offers some kind of value to the viewer. Product reviews are a good example you make, and I would add how-to or instructional vlogs as well. Anna makes a good point about celebrities, in that I guess people are interested in hearing about what they had for lunch. Nobody, however, cares that I had tuna on rye.

  4. i couldn’t say it better. if i were to, i’d write a blog post. do you often put yourself in front of the camera? to me, that just freaked me out. i have a long way to go to become a vlogger, and not sure if i’m willing to spend the time and effort to go that road when i feel that there are other venues open to me that i am more comfortable with and confident with. but you did pretty good for totally hung over!

  5. I agree. It’s just odd to see yourself on-line in a diary format. On the other hand, if it was useful information…nope. I agree. Not a fan of vlogging.

  6. Eric, I liked your vlog, because it reflect how I felt about my own. I agree, I think vlogging is uncomfortable and definitely not for everyone.

    Derek makes a good point about vlogging for specific topics (i.e. product reviews), I can see how that may be a little more provocative. Personally I think the whole diary vlog format is a little weird. I saw one vlog where the girl would just turn the camera on to say “hi” to her fans, and she had over 100,000! It’s crazy to me that people are so interested in the lives of these random personalities on the internet, to the point where they actually become online celebrities for posting videos about walking their dog, or needing to wash their hair. I know one thing, it’s not for me.

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