What does the next generation web look like?

This interview of Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt is a bold look at what it could like 5 years from now. Will he be right though on all accounts? Watch his interview first, then I’ll give my rebuttal in an interview of my own tomorrow night.



11/18 Class

I streamed the most of the class through to about 9pm. At that time the hotel bandwidth kept getting worse and worse due to a college soccer team that was staying there who were undoubtedly sucking it all on their handhelds and laptops.

Anyway, loved the discussion on DRM. It’s definitely a topic that won’t going away anytime soon. While we didn’t talk about all the topics here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_rights_management, we did cover a lot of it.

My big take away was that I need to be ever cognizant of DRM when I choose to grab images and use songs for videos I produce for my blog.

Class Reflection – 11/4/10

There was almost too much information to absorb tonight in class. The standout statistics from our professor:

25% of search today online comes from people looking for video content on YouTube.

That is just crazy! You know, I love video content and I hope the internet continues to have more of it. But I don’t want an internet that ONLY has video. This seems to be where its heading with search results like this.

I’ll share something with you. I didn’t like reading growing up. I didn’t. But I do now. Side note: not novels, just textbooks, websites, newspapers and magazines. I can’t picture a world without them. So, in this rant/epiphany I just hope that video content doesn’t completely take over the world.