What content must Hulu retain to stay viable?


6 thoughts on “What content must Hulu retain to stay viable?

  1. Interesting–you want Hulu to be more like television. It seems to me like my viewing habits are getting to be less television-like. I don’t mind if a show is immediately available online, but the archive feature is important to me. What do you think is the value of watching currently-on-television shows on Hulu as opposed to more robust network sites?

  2. I don’t mind if there’s a paradigm shift in the way we watch TV. I just want episodes to be available on all networks at the same time.

    I have been watching another show on AMC called “The Walking Dead.” They are already into their third show yet everyone’s favorite Hulu only has the first episode available.

    If they’re going to survive they have to be just as a quick as TV with their turnaround of new shows.

  3. i agree that there are things that need to be live – for me that in particular pertains to sports coverage (i can wait a day for the last episode of outsourced or house). i’m not interested in a ski race two days later. or a soccer game or a gymnastics championship. and for me to cut the cord with the cable company, hulu needs to provide these things live for me to make the switch. i don’t mind watching the event on my computer, even my laptop, but i want them live.

  4. The one thing I know about Hulu is that they load a program based on how hot the show is. Some are up 24 hours or less, after they air. Other programs that are very popular — you have to wait a week or eight days before they are posted. Which makes me sad, but I don’t have that much time to spend watching shows anyways.

  5. I am a big fan of Hulu, I watch Hulu almost every night. I cannot agree more about the speed of updating. See, I really want to catch the show on the first hand, rather than waiting for an entire night or even a day.
    Maybe to Hulu, he didnot think its big deal, but for fans, especially some intense shows, like Survivor, we really can not wait even for a few hours late.

  6. I agree with everyone’s sentiments, but what is Hulu (and their owners) incentive to post stuff quicker if they can’t make money at it? I am first in line to say that it’s a good PR move to post things online, but newspapers have been doing it for a long time and we can see how well that business model works. Mark Cuban wrote a good blog post about how this current model is great for consumers, but terrible for content producers, at least monetarily.

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