Class Reflections 12/9

We talked a little tonight about “Social Media Control Rooms.” I had heard about this earlier in the week but our guest speaker mentioned that Bing was working on one of these. The premise is that you design a room to support multiple computer screens and hardware necessary to monitor social conversations about your product. Pretty cool idea.

Here’s an article from a couple of months ago of Dell’s ‘Mission Control Room.’


Why didn’t MTV’s distribution strategy work?

I suspect that it could have but it wanted to take full control of its digital assets within the confine of their own website. You see, allowing other websites to embed your content inevitably means you have to pay them a fee for being an affiliate. Why not keep everything in-house to maximize profits?

I think we also went through a brief period a couple of years ago where companies were worried about their videos being embedded everywhere. Even if they were embedded on random sites with the ability to accrue ad revenue, I just don’t think MTV wanted to deal with it. Could be wrong.