Evolution and Trends in Digital Media – #COM546

As I kick off the quarter this Spring, I’m looking forward to jumping into this class on the evolution of digital media. I’m particularly interested in being challenged to look at key times in history where there’s been a tipping point with technology, particularly with the adoption of things like the cellphone, the home computer and more. I hope to get a glimpse into the future to help predict trends and today’s mass adoption of certain internet tools is also a really exciting topic to me. Quora is a great example of this. That site/tool is a really hot topic right now in social. Everyone is talking about it, but are they using it yet?

The Presentation Zen book is also of great interest to me. Coming off of a few contracts at Microsoft where I was exposed to a lot of PowerPoint presentations that were far from simplistic, I think the book and class with shed a lot of light on the do’s and don’ts of presentations in today’s workplace.

My ultimate goal is to gain some historical perspective on today’s digital age. None of this magically appeared. My one and a half year old will no doubt begin asking questions on where all this stuff came from and I want to be able to be grounded enough in digital history to be able to answer those questions as he asks them.


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