COM546 Project – Music’s past, present and future

For my COM546 project I’d like to study the history of music and follow it through its early days of the gramophone, the record player, the 8-track, cassette and compact disc on to its modern digital format.

As a combined study, I’d like to look at the evolution of music creation itself. As an avid electronic music listener, it’s interesting to see how the making of music has really shifted from the use of traditional instruments to the laptop with programs like Reason.

Lastly, I’d like to look at the social aspect of sharing music (not peer-to-peer sharing). I’m more interested in apps on Facebook (and other platforms) that are enabling people to learn about new music when their friends “like” it. An example of this is an app called RedRovor that my friends just launched in Nashville, Tennessee. With the music industry having been hit hard since the launch of the first iPod, the question I wish to ask is “will they embrace apps like this to help promote and encourage the legal purchasing of their music?”


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